Civil Law is everyday life, it’s our surroundings, our daily life

Lawyer Gianluca Militerni, – with his father Lucio (13.07.2018), former magistrate in the Supreme Court, university Professor and member of the Bioethics committee, his life and law teacher, on 03.05.1995, – constituted the Militerni Law Firm already Militerni Associate Law Firm.

The MLF represents a reality, in the Italian legal panorama, through the specific judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the field of Civil Law, to public and private subjects, with particular dedication to contracts, professional medical responsibility, compensation for damage, recovery credits, family law and corporate law.

The total symbiosis lived with the Father, which lasted almost 30 years, has rooted the essence of life, projected into law, in the spirit of the lawyer Gianluca Militerni; focusing the preventive analysis on the result of the legal case brought to his attention, and then, with decisive determination, projecting himself with professionalism, tenacity and astuteness, to the prompt solution.