Civil Law is everyday life, it’s our surroundings, our daily life

This is what Lucio Militerni, Supreme Court Judge, University Professor, who, along with his first-born, attorney Gianluca Militerni, on 3 of May in 1995, founded the professional association called STUDIO LEGALE ASSOCIATO MILITERNI, today STUDIO LEGALE MILITERNI.

The Militerni Law Firm, with offices in Naples, Rome and Milan, is a true legal reality and boasts a reputation for excellence in the Italian legal landscape.

Its long-standing and consolidated experience in the fields of civil law, company, corporate and business law, and administrative and bankruptcy law, enable the Militerni law firm  to engage in activities of legal consultancy and judicial/non-judicial assistance with private and public entities; an international firm which, as well as traditional expertise, possesses a long-term and significative experience in the quality of “Corporate Jurist”, and, thanks to which, offers enterprises a toutcourtassistance, lightening the burden of their internal relations, therefor developing far more precise strategies of attack and defense in relation to judicial and non-judicial circumstances – often linked to one another – in which they may incur.

The firm dedicates particular attention to contracts, company law, medical professional liability, banking law, family law, rights in rem, compensation for damage and debt collection.

Attorney Gianluca Militerni is the representative of Militerni Law Firm, thanks to a close to 30-year total professional symbiosis with his father, has been able to elicit his parent’s essence projected in law; perfectly tailor the approach to meet the judicial circumstances examined, preventively focalize primary attention on the actual result, and, subsequently, project oneself towards a speedy settlement through a professional, reactive, respectful and astute approach.